Chrome bar rooms are design only for soapy massage. In every private room you will have a soapy Massage mattress, private aircon, private shower, sectioned off area for your clothing. Rooms are of a similar size to what you would find in many oil massage shops in Thailand but very clean very bright. All ladies are trained in the art of soapy and the rooms are large enough for multiple people.

Our VIP rooms come with Bed. Private soapy area private toilet air con and much much more. Service you will receive will be on par with what you would expect from any similar business but with the added soapy experience. Unlike our standard rooms, the VIP rooms are very large as well as offering a much higher level of comfort. This room has different charge and all the "Room Prices" can be found on the section called prices. If you have any questions in regards to the Chrome bar Bolt-Ons please email or call for more info.

VIP rooms also offer up to a 2 hour session as part of the price. Rooms are even big enough for a party if you so wished.